Upgrading works of the sewage treatment plant in Martina Franca (TA).

Project details

Contracting Station:

Acquedotto Pugliese S.p.A.


Giovanni Putignano & Figli S.r.l.


Martina Franca (TA)



Amount of Job:

2.733.394,90 €

Start date:


Delivery date:



Civil sewage treatment plants
Martina Franca Trenches
“The work involved the construction of a battery of four drainage trenches with a total surface area of 9,230 m2. The trenches, of the closed type, make in the layers below the ground level a drainage package of purified water in coarse-grained limestone material from the excavations, after screening and sorting. The surface of the aforementioned drainage package is then filled in, after laying suitable geotextile, with backfill of natural pedologioc material. Four anhydrous wells were also drilled to monitor the operation of the trenches. As part of the work, redevelopment activities were carried out in the area. The area, in particular, has been fenced with a dry stone wall and a perimeter fence made of holm oak trees and other native species. Access to the trench area is via a galvanized steel cockpit.”

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