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Construction and Revamping

More than 280 sewage and drinking water treatment plants and various sewerage and aqueduct systems both in Italy and abroad.

Plant Management

Our always on-time monitoring to ensure your plant’s positive results in terms of water potabilization and wastewater purification.

Integrated Maintenance Service

Improve overall efficiency and optimize operating costs through a global service contract (UNI10685). Integrated systems of management and maintenance services related to plant and real estate assets.

Wastewater Purification

Over 40 years of experience in the wastewater industry.
We design systems that can purify wastewater before returning it to the environment.

Potabilization Plants

Our know-how to help identify the best plant and technological solutions for the realization of drinking water production facilities with high standards of quality and safety.

Industrial Water Purification

Side by side with public agencies and private companies to develop specific treatment plants for each type of industrial wastewater, which guarantee the achievement of the objectives required by the client and, above all, compliance with discharge limits.

Sewerage and Aqueduct Networks

Design and implementation of new water networks or revamping of existing systems. From feasibility study to implementation.

Sludge Treatment

Specializing in the design and construction of sludge treatment plants, from stabilization to volume reduction (dewatering), focusing on sludge reuse possibilities.

We have been protecting the environment since 1976.
This is our mission.

We are a construction company with a simple purpose: to build a better future.

We have been designing innovative and sustainable wastewater treatment solutions since 1976, thus contributing to environmental protection and public health prevention.


We have always been committed to ensuring maximum efficiency and sustainability in our wastewater treatment projects, minimizing environmental impact and maximizing the recovery of valuable resources.

Our experience, with more than 280 interventions carried out both in Italy and abroad, is focused on enhancing environmental engineering services, design and construction of sewage treatment plants and drinking water treatment plants, water and sewerage networks.



3.Plant Management

4.Integrated Maintenance Service


6.Wastewater treatment

7.Industrial waste water treatment

8.Sewerage and Aqueduct Networks

9.Sludge Treatment

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