1. Design

In our Engineering Department, innovation and commitment to a cleaner environment converge.

As a specialized wastewater engineering company, we are dedicated to creating solutions tailored to the water challenges of tomorrow.

Our team of engineers is at your service to design advanced wastewater treatment systems, ensuring efficient and eco-friendly management. Through the use of state-of-the-art technology, in-depth analysis, and a holistic approach, we build facilities that maximize resource recovery and minimize impact on the environment.

We understand the importance of ensuring compliance with current regulations and optimizing financial resources. Therefore, our design solutions strike a perfect balance between environmental sustainability and cost-effectiveness, delivering long-lasting and efficient results over time.

Rely on our expertise to design advanced sewage treatment systems, biological treatment plants, and wastewater recycling infrastructure. We are ready to turn your vision into a concrete reality, a step toward a greener and more prosperous future. Together, let’s build a better world, one project at a time.

2. Construction

Giovanni Putignano & Figli has built more than 200 sewage and drinking water treatment plants and constructed several sewage and aqueduct systems both in Italy and abroad.

The works performed include reinforced concrete or steel structures (treatment tanks, service buildings, etc.), electromechanical installations (equipment assembly, electrical systems, supervision and control systems, etc.), piping installation, etc.

Reliability, innovation and expertise are the pillars on which our work is based. Customized and sustainable solutions for wastewater treatment, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

3. Facilities management

Plant construction alone does not guarantee that environmental problems will be solved! For this reason, Giovanni Putignano & Figli has invested considerable resources in the study of increasingly effective and efficient drinking water and sewage treatment plant management systems.

Giovanni Putignano & figli has operated sewage treatment plants with a total capacity of more than 7 million p.e. both in Italy and abroad.

We constantly monitor key plant parameters, taking timely action to prevent failures and improve performance.

Our approach is aimed at saving energy and optimizing water resources, helping to make the whole purification process sustainable.

4. Integrated Maintenance Service

A natural evolution of the management contract is the organization with integrated system of management and maintenance services related to a plant and real estate assets, to improve their efficiency and optimize operating costs.

Giovanni Putignano & figli managed from 2007 to 2015 a Global Service contract (under UNI10685) for the maintenance of the IAS purification plant in Priolo Gargallo (Syracuse), having a capacity of 750,000 p.e. (4,800 m3/h).

5. Wastewater Purification

Social, productive and recreational activities require and use a large amount of water. The direct consequence of the ́use of ́water is the production of discharges that, in order to be returned to the ́environment, must necessarily undergo purification treatment.

Giovanni Putignano & Figli, with its 40 years of experience in the field of water treatment, is able to offer comprehensive support to local authorities for the identification and implementation of systems capable of purifying wastewater prior to its discharge into the receiving water bodies, respecting the limit concentration values of the various substances imposed by the regulations.

6. Potabilization

The quality of water for human consumption is inextricably linked to its potability.

There are four key points that must be considered in the production and supply of drinking water:

– Selection of an appropriate source
– Protection of water quality
– Treatment methods
– Prevention of re-contamination
In each project, Giovanni Putignano & Figli provides its know-how to help identify the best plant and technological solutions for the realization of drinking water production plants with high standards of quality and safety.

7. Industrial Water Purification.

Industrial wastewater is characterized differently from civil wastewater, having a reduced range of contaminants, albeit with high concentrations.

Current technologies allow the purification of industrial wastewater aimed at the reuse of water in processing and/or the extraction of substances that can be used in other production fields (such as, for example, serum proteins, which are extracted from the treatment of dairy whey and can be used in the cosmetics industry).
We collaborate with public agencies and private companies to develop specific treatment plants for each type of industrial wastewater, ensuring that the objectives required by the client are met and, above all, that discharge limits are respected.

8. Sewerage and Aqueduct Networks.

The construction of sewer networks and aqueducts, especially in urbanized settings (presence of sub-services and facilities), requires specific experience, which Giovanni Putignano has gained in more than 35 years of activity in the sector.

From feasibility study with analysis and survey of existing infrastructure to implementation, Giovanni Putignano & Figli can make a significant contribution in the planning and implementation of projects for new networks or revamping of existing systems.

Our engineering team also specializes in the design and implementation of whitewater sewer networks, for the collection and treatment of rainwater in separate systems from wastewater systems.

9. Sludge treatment

The issue of the treatment and disposal of sludge produced by municipal wastewater treatment processes is becoming increasingly important both nationally and internationally.In the European Community, the gradual implementation of Directive 91/271/EEC, concerning urban wastewater treatment, is resulting in a steady increase in the amount of sludge originating from sewage processes.

Giovanni Putignano & Figli has specialized over the years in the design and construction of sludge treatment plants, from stabilization to volume reduction (dewatering), focusing on the possibilities of sludge reuse.

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