Global Service for the management of artifacts and services of general interest of the port of Taranto (TA)

Project details

Contracting Station:

Ionian Sea Port System Authority – port of Taranto


RTI Castiglia S.r.l. – Giovanni Putignano & Figli S.r.l.





Amount of Job:

8.853.575,17 €

Start date:

Delivery date:

in progress


Global Service
Global Service Taranto Port
“The contract consists of the global service management of the maintenance and management activities of the assets owned by the Ionian Sea Port System Authority (ASPMI) – Taranto Port. It is differentiated into 2 types of services: – maintenance services involving public heritage areas, i.e., all areas owned by the ASPMI that are not under concession or consignment; – Utility management services covering all areas and/or properties served by utilities headed by ASPMI Activities are managed through an information and computer system that allows real-time tracking of activities performed and the state of preservation of assets, as well as optimizing the use of resources.”

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