Final and executive design of the works to comply with the standards of Leg. 31/2001 of the Fortore drinking water plant – Castelnuovo della Daunia (FG).

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Acquedotto Pugliese S.p.A.


RTI Giovanni Putignano & Figli S.r.l. – Degremont S.p.A. – Desa S.r.l. – Faver S.p.A. – Edil Alta S.r.l. – Lista Appalti S.r.l.


Castelnuovo della Daunia (FG)



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8.906.481,82 €

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Drinking water plant
Potabilizer Fortore
The Fortore Aqueduct originates from the drinking water plant derived from the Occhito reservoir on the Fortore River and serves northern Apulia. The plant before the upgrades was proportioned to treat the maximum flow rate of 2.4 m3/s with a treatment chain that was developed with Pre-Disinfection, Clariflocculation, Rapid Filtration on Sand, Sterilization, Sludge Thickening, and Sludge Dewatering with belt press. The upgrading of the drinking water plant included no. 10 activated carbon filters sized to treat the flow rate of 2.4 m3/s. The use of activated carbon filters is necessary during periods when the water in the Fortore reservoir has such characteristics that, with sand filtration alone, values compatible with Leg. 31/01. Functional upgrading then interconnected the sand filters with carbon filters by a gravity-operated channel and then retraced the existing treatment chain. Plumbing connections serving the new section, backwashing systems with air and water, and all works necessary to make the work complete and functional complete the work. A powdered activated carbon (CAP) dosing section was also built as part of the contract in one to the related service artifacts (silos, pre-dilution and dosing). The work is necessary for the purpose of reducing impacts on the treatment process resulting from algal presence within the raw water. Also as part of the same work, the mechanical dewatering section was upgraded with the installation of new centrifuges.

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