Executive design and execution of the construction works of the rainwater sewer system in the built-up area of the municipality of Triggiano (BA)

Project details

Contracting Station:

Municipality of Triggiano (BA)


Giovanni Putignano & Figli S.r.l.


Triggiano (BA)



Amount of Job:

4.122.621,13 €

Start date:


Delivery date:



Whitewater network
Triggiano white water
“The contract involved the construction of the white sewer network serving the township of Triggiano. The project, in particular, covered:
– The construction of the urban drainage network consisting of structured polyethylene piping SN 8 and for diameters up to De 1200 (DN 1030) and CAV piping DN 1500 and DN 1600 for the main adduction and drainage collectors;
– The construction of No. 2 first and second rain water treatment plants (Basin 1 and 2) complying with the regulatory dictates set forth in the Delegate Commissioner’s Decree No. 282 of 21/11/2003 as amended and supplemented by the Water Protection Plan of the Apulia Region approved by Regional Council Resolution No. 230 of 20/1072009;
– The construction of an equipped green area in the area of the old municipal sewage treatment plant intended to also house the stormwater treatment plant afferent to Basin 1;
– The construction of a drainage trench and related 3 dispersal wells for the dispersal of water of basin 2 jurisdiction;
– The construction of the water discharge manifold related to Basin 1 with attached 6 in-line dispersing wells for the discharge of treated stormwater;
– The construction of an emergency drain in the Lama San Giorgio that will be activated if the drainage capacity of the dispersant wells is exceeded.”

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