Executive design and construction of the adduction pipeline from Bovilla Dam to the drinking water treatment plant, the drinking water treatment plant, the Tirana feeder reservoir, and the feeder pipeline to the Tirana network. Interim management of completed works. (Albania)

Project details

Contracting Station:

Ministry of Public Works and Transport – Republic of Albania (Tirana)


Putignano Consortium formed by the companies: Giovanni Putignano & Figli Srl – T.P.L. Tecnologie Progetti Lavori SpA


Tirana (Albania)



Amount of Job:

11.501.495,14 €

Start date:


Delivery date:



Drinking water plant
Bovilla drinking water treatment plant
“The project involved the design and construction of the Bovilla drinking water plant serving the city of Tirana and ancillary works. Specifically, the works carried out were: – Steel DN 900 adduction pipeline from the dam to the drinking water plant for a length of 10,200 m – Potable drinking water plant for a flow rate of 1,800 l/s articulated with an inlet and apportionment artifact, clariflocculation and filtration. Articulated sludge line with thickening, chemical sludge conditioning, dewatering. Plumbing and electrical connection works – Tirana feed tank totaling 30,000 m3 complete with maneuvering chamber and DN 1200 piping – Intake pipeline to the Tirana steel network DN 1200 for a total length of 1,700 m – Interim management of the work for a period of thirteen months.”

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