Executive design and construction of a municipal center for the collection of solid urban and assimilated waste and annexed pneumatic waste transport plant located in Taranto Gulf Street (TA)

Project details

Contracting Station:

Municipality of Taranto


Giovanni Putignano & Figli S.r.l.





Amount of Job:

7.778.324,53 €

Start date:


Delivery date:

in progress


Pneumatic waste network
Taranto pneumatic network
“The intervention consists of the implementation of a pneumatic network for separate waste collection in the Taranto 2 and Salinella neighborhoods of the city of Taranto. The intervention is part of an overall strategy aimed at increasing separate collection rates and expanding the range of collection services offered to users by the Taranto Municipality administration in line with the provisions of the 2019 – 2021 National Strategic Framework for municipal solid waste (MSW) management. In addition, as part of the project, a Municipal Collection Center is planned to be built adjacent to the network’s intake station, allowing citizens (UD households and UND non-domestic users) to bring in types of municipal solid waste that although recoverable, given the impromptu nature and limited output expected, if they were collected using a traditional roadside service, would entail high costs and modest results.”

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